best friends who slowly fall in love with each other is what otps are made of

the internet here is absolutely atrocious it is so slow and unstable like ten thumbs down i will be complaining this is unacceptable???  like holy shit when we had dial-up still it was better than this not even joking??????????

also there’s like no cell phone service???????????  ten thousand thumbs down
like it’s a beautiful place but i’d really like access to information and my contacts when i need it?????  ((one hundred thumbs down emoji))

final thought for the night; why does mienfoo evolve at lv 50 that is really

i am so busy and out of the loop with my friends…. i’m really kind of “:(” right now???  i’m tired too
nighty night!!!  :*    *:
i’ll see you all in the morning or evening or whenever driving is done!!!!


you’re my rock…my dwayne….my johnson






Did you know that you can drink lava? But only once


every time i do it makes me laugh


every time i do it makes me laugh

Yowamushi characters on tumblr tho

  • onoda: anime gifs anime text posts anime screencaps anime fanart anim
  • naruko: bikes, cars, texts posts he thinks are funny and 100% real, comments on posts "HAHAHA THIS IS HILARIOUS!!", tags every text post he makes
  • imaizumi: bikes, basically a fitness blog, has thousands of liked posts he doesnt reblog bc it's all anime
  • kinjou: thinks tumblr is a trendier facebook page for his team "Makishima, how do I start a group chat?"
  • tadokoro: food blog, recipe blog, inspirational facebook mom quotes. "Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving."
  • makishima: fashion blog mostly, never makes text posts but likes everyone else's, posted a selfie once and got hundreds of notes
  • toudou: pretends it's instagram #me #sleepingbeauty #hakogakuSWAG, likes every single post maki reblogs
  • arakita: very vague and very /angry/ text posts under read mores, everyone thinks he's talking about them but he's probably ranting about the mailman or smth, a lot of audio posts and cat gifs once in a while
  • shinkai: he's sherlocked in the year 2014 but he only reblogs gifs and photosets, posts photosets of usakichi, everyone follows him and he likes everyone's text posts
  • fukutomi: "Arakita, how do I start a group chat?"
  • manami: reblogs a nature pic once every couple of months
  • izumida: fitness blog but. really intense with like specific recipes and training regimens. inspirational workout quotes "Don't wish for it. Work for it."


doodles here and there

i am covered in hot glue burns i am so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have been super busy the past few weeks and i’ve been really shitty at keeping up with you guys, i’m super sorry!! ;_;
i’ll be busy for another week or so but if you need me, message me okay??  love you all!!! :*

Nitori x Momo 6?


gonna try to finish these today while i pack (i’m moving in two weeks how scary!!) so i’ll probably be really slow but i’ll do my best


do you have any momotori headcanons?


omg yes of course i do

  • momo forces (begs) ai to play video games with him but ai straight-up SUCKS at pretty much every game unless it’s something like animal crossing and momo always uses this to his advantage: “if i win this race/match i get to kiss you as much as i want today”
  • momo likes to brag about his boyfriend to absolutely everyone especially his friends and brother and while seijuurou is happy he finally has gou to himself without any hard feelings it gets annoying listening to the many wonderful things ai apparently does each day
  • ai has a hard time showing affection because he’s so shy and he often asks rin for advice and rin gives him the worst advice ever because he’s a fucking loser and ai ends up giving momo tons of flowers one week out of nowhere and momo’s like….. “are you apologizing for something”
  • whenever they sleep in the same bed they compete to see who can stay awake the longest and usually it’s ai who wins and he likes to play with momo’s hair and watch his face until he goes to sleep as well

momotori tag is updating

nice.  nice i like this