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Houndoom Attacks!

This guy was commissioned as an addition to the trio of houndooms that I sculpted back in October.  It was loosely based off of art from a Pokemon card.

Materials : Super Sculpey, Sculpey Firm and Apoxie Scult Over a Wire and Foil Armature, Acrylic Paint, Wood Base

Dimensions : 6.5” tall on a 5” base

Time Taken : 9 hours

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COMMISSIONS ARE CLOSED!  New orders will be taken bi-monthly on a first come first serve basis starting in May 2013.   To be fair to everyone, there will be no waiting list.   Go here to sign up for an e-mail notification when commissions slots become available.  Please note that prices will be changing in 2013 and will apply to ALL new orders.


So I finished this right after ORAS was revealed!!!

The only background i could give for ORAS is that mural :/


Happy birthday dear Sapphire!

Gosh I hope her new outfit is blue!


Plot Twist: ORAS is secretly an otome game